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Since childhood, I always wanted long healthy hair. Being the only African American girl in my class, I can still remember sporting my short pigtails with colorful bows while my classmates wore their long hair down day after day. I can even remember one girl in particular always complaining about sitting on her hair. I can remember thinking.. "Why can't I have that problem?".

For a number of years after, I would try to achieve that long dark shiny hair for myself through hot combing and eventually chemical relaxers, but it never quite looked how I pictured it should. In result, I wound up with frequent chemical burns on my scalp, thin damaged hair, increased trimming of split ends and it all left me with even shorter hair than I began with. I thought to myself.. "Why can't women of color have long, healthy hair?"

In 2007, I cut off all of my hair and decided to go natural out of frustration (after a protective style went really wrong.. Stylist put hair glue in my hair to get my microbraids to stay..they had to cut chunks of glued pieces out of my hair). But sadly, for the next few years, it was the same issue, no one knew how to take care of my Coarse, Brittle, Tightly Curled, Rough hair. At this point, not only was combing my hair a challenge, but between heat damage from frequent hair blow outs, and stylists using what they told me to be "special conditioners" on my hair (which turned out to be chemical texturizers, which I had not consented to.), my hair was thin, broken and lifeless.

Near the 2010's, the natural movement had picked up speed and I began seeing women of color sporting their natural hair which was full of soft, loose curls that were long, thick and shiny both in person and on TV. It was exactly what I wanted for myself.  I started to gain hope that I too could get long, thick, manageable hair like that, but sadly for me, the hair abuse would continue until a pivotal moment in my hair journey would occur.

The Pivotal Moment: My mother and I, went to get our hair pressed by my long time stylist and she charged us two separate prices. When I questioned the price difference she said "It's because you're hair is too nappy, if you're hair was more like your mom's (my mom has softer, looser curls)…then I wouldn't have to charge you more". It took everything for me not breakdown in that salon full of people who watched and said nothing. I felt hurt and felt that I was being punished for my God-Given hair.

This particular day made me realize that a large group of women with Coarse, Kinky, Coily, Dry, Brittle hair like mine were not getting the same solutions as everyone else in the natural hair movement. That day I made the decision to come up with my own solution for my hair. Leaning on my background as a Bioengineer, I researched and figured out what ingredients worked for my hair, how to completely detangle my hair pain-free, and how to successfully grow out my hair. In result, my hair is finally long, thick, healthy and down my back.

Reflecting back, I don’t regret my experiences. Because in finding the solution for myself, Hair CraQ was born and I created a solution for the millions of women, men and children with hair like mine. Plus, there's no better feeling than sharing the gift of restored confidence, self-love and self worth.



Founder & CEO of Hair CraQ